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Too Faced - Country (Nashville Nudes) palette review

This palette really isn't talked about all that much and I hadn't heard of it until I was intensely going through the Too Faced website. This palette consists of 9 shades and, in usual Too Faced style, a few of the 'base' shades (that we use more) have larger pans. I was first attracted to the palette due to the cool pinky/champagne colours and the large pans of colours are beautiful too. I didn't think I would like the far right column but blended out on the outer-v they actually look really beautiful.

Majority of the shadows are creamy and blend really easily, like all Too Faced shadows. They are all very glittery, with the exception of 'Cowboy Take Me Away' which is pretty much a matte, so I don't think this palette works entirely by itself but is definitely a nice addition to a make-up lovers collection as it contains some very unique shades. The palette is advertised as 3 complete eyeshadow looks but I personally wouldn't use a shimmer in my crease so I don't entirely agree.

The shades are also grouped into Day, Classic and Fashion looks which I think is really cute. I personally wouldn't stick to the shades they put together but it does make this palette a bit easier to use for beginners, especially with the booklet of looks that come with it.

At first I wasn't too keen on the packaging. I'm not sure why but I just really didn't like the idea of a 'country' theme as I never really associated it with anything glamorous and I love high glam looks. However I think that's more my ignorance than anything as the shades are definitely full glam, especially with all that shimmer. Too faced really play up their themes and the Nashville Nudes palette is no exception. The box looks like it was made out of denim with cute pictures of rope used to frame it. The names of the shades are also very country inspired. The actual palette is made out of tin, similar to their Chocolate Bar palettes, which I love - mainly because it's sturdy and I can throw it in my handbag without having to worry if it's going to get damaged or dirty.

Let's look at the shades,

Cowboy Take Me Away: is a peachy-nude with a satin, almost matte finish. I thought the pigmentation in this shade was lacking and it was quite powdery, although I've read the complete opposite in other reviews so that may just be the brush I was using or how it looked on my skin. I love this colour as a wash all over the lid with a warm brown through my crease.

Famous In A Small Town: is a beautiful cream shade with a frost finish. This is a really dramatic inner corner highlight but looks beautiful, especially with a matte look. The colour pay-off is amazing and the lasting power is too. Famous in a Small Town gets two thumbs up from me.

All American Girl: is an ivory/silver shade with strong shimmer. The pigmentation was lacking with this shade but was still pretty dusted over the lid for a subtle day look or could be used as a subtle highlight. I thought the formula was quite stiff and hard to pick up onto a brush or swatch but wasn't chunky at all so still quite smooth to apply.
Left to right: All American Girl, Cowboy Take Me Away, Famous In A Small Town.

Y'all: is between a pink and a brown with a lot of golden shimmer, it is an almost rose gold colour. On the eye it is very similar to Trick by Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette (which just happens to be one of my favourite eye shadows ever so I am slightly biased). Even though the colour of this shade is absolutely beautiful, I don't think I'm going to wear it all that much purely due to the fallout!!! So so so so much fallout :( The first time I used this I had already done my face make-up and just didn't expect it, I tried to wipe away as much as I could but it stuck to my foundation and I ended up looking like a glitter ball. I highly recommend using eye shadow guards (is that what they are called?) or putting a piece of tissue under your eye before application. Other than that it is highly pigmented and blends beautifully.

Paper Roses: is a warm toned bright pink in pan but is a lot less fierce on the lid. This doesn't mean it lacks pigmentation because this little shadow is full of it, but it's just not as dark on the lid as it looks in the pan which I personally enjoy. There is a lot of gold shimmer running through it and it is definitely a frost type finish.

Nashville: is a cool toned navy/purple with silver shimmer throughout. I'm not huge on blue shadows but that's just personal preference and there is nothing at all wrong the shadow. Provides medium colour pay off with a little bit of fall out.

(I apologise that my hand looks such a weird shape?) From left to right: Y'all, Paper Roses, Nashville.

Dolly: is a cool toned deep brown with slight shimmer. This shade looks very sparkly in the pan but once applied to the lid or swatched the shimmer seems to disappear and this shadow adopts a satin-like finish. It's a lovely colour for deepening up the outer-v or crease for a smoky effect and could even be used as liner. The colour pay-off is decent and also has a really long wear time.

Rhinestone: is a muted eggplant purple with sparkly silver flecks. Once swatched or worn the colour adopts a pearl finish which is really beautiful and would look gorgeous under the lower lash line for a subtle pop of colour. The pigmentation in this was amazing and the wear time was equally as good. Quite a dark shade but if you're into that you'll love this shadow.

Bluebird: is a true navy with silver shimmer. Again, once worn this shadow adopts a pearl finish but is nowhere near as beautiful as Rhinestone. This shade did not apply very well and took a few swatches on the back of my hand until I could build up the colour enough so that you could see it. The formula is chunky and stiff and just does not blend very well at all. I feel like every palette has a dud shade and this one is definitely it. You might be able to get this to work but the colour is pretty average and one I've seen before so I wasn't overly bothered about working with it.

Left to right: Dolly, Rhinestone, Bluebird.

Overall this is a really lovely palette but there are a few dud shades. If I'm honest I never love every single shade in a palette anyway so it's not a huge issue to me as Nashville Nudes only costs £27 for 9 colours. When it arrived it was smaller than I first imagined, but it's not an issue and is perfect for travelling (who ever gets through an entire palette anyway?) and the fact that the main shades are in bigger pans is obviously a huge bonus.

I would recommend this palette but only if you like more than half of the shades or if you're a make-up junkie. It's not a necessity and I could have easily lived without it but it's still pretty to own and I'm glad I do. I wouldn't recommend this to beginners despite the easy to follow guide included inside, purely because I think you definitely need other shades to create a full eye look.

What do you think of this palette?


  1. those colors look gorgeous!

  2. This pallette looks gorgeous! Lovely post xx

    Shelby |

  3. these colours look to pretty and different!

  4. The shades in this palette are gorgeous! I love Too Faced's eyeshadows, they're some of my favourites. x

    Jordan Alice

  5. Too face products always have cute and witty packaging.


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