Thursday, 31 March 2016

How to maintain very ash blonde hair

L-R: BLEACH LONDON reincarnation mask, LA RICHE DIRECTIONS dye in colour Silver, SCHWARZKOPF toning mousse in colour MO1 Icy Platinum, LUSH daddy-O shampoo.
My natural hair is a very dark brown so getting a true ash blonde has always been really difficult for me, especially with the thousands of colours underneath from the years of dying my hair. Last summer I decided that I wanted to go back blonde and started the really long journey of getting there. I gradually got more and more highlights over the space of about 6 months until my hair was a light-ish blonde and then I started getting balayages done so I didn't have to deal with my natural dark roots growing back in. The only problem was that once I got to a yellow blonde colour it just wouldn't lift any more and I found toning it would only last a week or so on my overly processed hair.

I recently got my balayage redone and had a lot more grey tones added into my colour. My only issue was that as I wear clip-in extensions I now had to find a toner that I could tone them up with to match my actual hair. I ended up just visiting my local Boots and picking up various grey toners and the Schwarzkopf toning mousse in colour M01 icy platinum (pictured above) was one of them. I really didn't think this product would work and I actually tried the Bleach London white toner first (which did absolutely nothing, by the way) but I was so pleasantly surprised when after 5 minutes I rinsed the mousse out and my extensions were a beautiful ashy blonde/grey colour. Since then I've used this on my hair about once a week and it's kept my colour looking fresh and the same as the day I walked out of the salon.

Another thing that is a must when blonde is washing your hair using a purple shampoo. I'm not quite sure on the science behind it but basically purple is opposite to yellow and therefore counteracts yellow tones in your hair. I use this one by Lush mainly because its smells like those little violet sweets you would have as a kid but it also does a brilliant job. They all pretty much do the same thing, so I don't think branding is hugely important, but I also like the Clean Blonde one by Fudge.

I use this every time I wash my hair, mainly because I hate any fading due to wearing extensions and needing them to match, but if you didn't want to give up your favourite products completely PRO:VOKE do one called Touch of Silver that's a violet pigment (a lot darker than the others) which you should use every 2nd or 3rd hair wash.

Before I found the mousse I used to use a veggie dye from Directions in the colour silver. I used to swear by this product, especially when my hair was more platinum as it would make my hair pretty much white. Don't get me wrong, I still love this product and use it but you have to leave it on for around 20-30 mins (the mousse you leave on for 5!), one pot = one application (I get around 3/4 out of the mousse and they both cost around £5) and if I leave the directions dye on for too long it does have a tendency to turn my hair lilac-y. I used to love the lilac tones but I know quite a few people who don't.

And that's pretty much all I do to maintain my colour! I included a picture of the Bleach London reincarnation mask above because it just makes my hair (and extensions!) feel amazing, especially after a fresh bleaching session, but I'm not quite sure if it's doing my hair any good or if it's just coating it to make it feel nice! Either way I'm loving the result.

What's your favourite tips on keeping your hair blonde?

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