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Too Faced - LE Love Flushed Blush Wardrobe palette review

I've always been so eager to try the blushes from Too Faced, I'm pretty sure it was just their super cute heart shaped packaging that drew me in but the colours are also gorgeous and I'd heard brilliant things. When I was browsing the Too Faced website at Christmas I saw that they'd released a limited edition blush wardrobe for spring which contained all 6 of their colours!!! I don't think I've ever added a product to my basket so fast. Even though the pans are quite a bit smaller than the originals at 2g a pan instead of the usual 6g, they are separated enough which means I can swirl a blush brush around without getting the product into the pan next to it. In the photo below I have a (very dirty - sorry!) Bold Metals tapered blush brush by Real Techniques as a comparison.

I've never been a huge blush lover. Even though I wear it every day, I'm really boring and wear the same one (Nars - Orgasm). I buy lots of different colours but for some reason I'm always reaching for the same one. BUT I'm also a palette fanatic and if I can buy something in palette form I will, so finding a high quality blush palette was just something I needed to do in life.

As you can see here 'Baby Love' has been well loved.
The packaging of the palette is gorgeous to look at but unfortunately I think my love for it ends there. I just wish it wasn't so long as travelling with this can be a nightmare. I have a vanity case (it's basically just a pink tool box) which I use to transport my make-up and brushes around but this palette is just far too long to fit in it which often means it gets left behind. The pink and the hearts are right up my alley but it's just not practical enough.

It's also made out of cardboard which never sits well with me - it just gets dirty and damaged far too easily! However, this is made very well and does feel a lot sturdier than most cardboard packaged palettes.

The formula of these blushes are excellent like all Too Faced cosmetics; they're buttery, smooth and blend out beautifully. I wouldn't quite say they live up to their 16-hour wear promise but I don't think many cosmetics do and as they will last an entire night out on me - that's good enough!

Here's a quick run down of the colours,

Love Hangover: this is a gorgeous coral pink colour with a slight sheen. I found this looked nicer on me when I had less of a tan on but suited both skin tones. It's not my favourite out of the bunch but that's more personal preference than anything as I don't think coral tones suit me all that much.

Baby Love: is my favourite blush in the palette. It is a gorgeous natural nude with a small amount of gold shimmer that is only noticeable under lighting which means it's perfect if you love to pile highlighter on. I think this suits me best as it's quite a natural looking blush that suits pale and medium skin tones which means I can go crazy with the rest of my make-up without looking too much like a clown. I will 100% be buying this as a full size product and I think it may have replaced my previous every-day blush.

I Will Always Love You: is quite a bright orange-coral shade with very warm undertones and again, slight gold shimmer that is only noticeable under lighting. The camera didn't pick up this shades true colour and it is a lot more on the orange side in real life. I like this shade and think it would be pretty with a strong tan in the summer.

How Deep Is Your Love: is a pretty pink with barely any shimmer, I think this is more on the satin-matte side. Again, this has strong warm undertones with a little bit of coral thrown in there. This would look gorgeous on extremely pale skin or very dark skin as it's quite opaque.

Justify My Love: is a gorgeous Barbie bubblegum pink shade with quite blue-y/cool undertones. This is probably my second favourite in the palette and I'm desperate to get my hands on the full size one! This shade suits pale-medium skin tones more and the blonder I am, the better this looks. Wear time is amazing and suits a lot of make-up looks.

Your Love Is King: is the final shade in this palette and is a plum shade. This gives the true look of flushed cheeks, just as if you'd been out in the cold for a little bit too long! I love this shade and think it would suit medium-dark skin the best.


Overall, this palette is perfect for Too Faced blush newbies and make-up junkies like me. If you want to try out all their shades for a fraction of the price then this is definitely something you should pick up. This was a limited edition palette but I have seen it still floating around so if you're quick you may be able to pick one up. As we're going into spring I think blushes are just essential! For £26 this palette is a steal and perfect for any make up lovers collection.


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  1. I have actually never tried a too faced blush thanks for the lovely review x
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