Monday, 28 March 2016

Top 4 favourite red lip products

L to R: Mac - Retro Matte 'Ruby Woo', Chanel - Rouge allure extrait de gloss ' 60', Dior - Rouge Serum '855', Bobbi Brown - Art Stick 'Sunset Orange'.

Bold lips were always something I wanted to try but I just didn't think I could ever pull them off. Reds are bold but also quite a 'normal' lip colour so I don't feel so self conscious wearing them. Since buying and trying my first red lipstick I think I've swatched every red lip product I've ever walked past and although non-make-up junkies may think that they all look the same, there are definite differences between them - and it's not just the colour.

Chanel - Rouge allure extrait de gloss in colour '60': Chanel promises the shine of a gloss and the colour intensity of a lipstick with this product and I really do feel like it lives up to that. The formula is nice, not that sticky, stays all night and applies relatively smoothly so this product gets 2 big thumbs up from me. This shade is also a gorgeous blue toned red which means your teeth are going to look extra white when wearing it! At £25 for a lip gloss this product is slightly on the steeper end of things but you definitely get what you pay for. (Chanel isn't known for being the cheapest product out there either!!)

Bobbi Brown - Art Stick in colour Sunset Orange: Although not technically a red, this lip pencil makes my list as it's just too beautiful to leave out. This matte 'art stick' is essentially a chunky lip pencil which means it can be used as an actual lip pencil or be used as a lipstick! The chunkiness off this product means you can easily fill in the lips without tugging at them like normal lip pencils would do. This formula is quite thick and creamy which means it's so easy to apply! It lasts all day, the colour is bold and vibrant... need I go on?

Dior - Rouge Serum in colour '855': is essentially a lip balm and lip stick rolled into one. This highly moisturising product is not only soothing and hydrating but packed full of colour and lasts all night long. There's no need for lip balm under this product which I personally enjoy and as it's slightly glossy the product doesn't sink into any lines in your lips either. The product comes in a pen, which is quite unique to lip products, which means there's no sharpening or any risk of the lipstick going blunt - just a twist of the bottom and you're ready to go.

Mac - Retro matte in colour 'Ruby Woo': is not for everyone. The formula is extremely drying and you do need to use a lip scrub before application but I just can't get over how beautiful the colour is. Ruby Woo is an extremely blue-toned lipstick meaning my teeth look so white when I'm wearing this and, especially as I'm blonde, it just suits my complexion and colouring a lot better than warm undertones. Although the product is drying it does wear all day and there is barely any transfer. This is definitely a 'night out' lipstick and this is the shade I wear to cheer leading competitions and events as it just doesn't budge. (Unfortunately I misplaced my tube so I can't swatch this for you).

What's your favourite red lip product? Do you love them as much as I do?

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