Monday, 16 May 2016

62 beauty blog ideas

I'm sorry for all the list style posts at the minute! I haven't really bought many products recently and it's also exam season so I'm swamped! For this post I've just wrote down a few ideas for potential blog posts - this is more for me to refer back to but I'm hoping it will be of use to you as well. I've included various beauty related posts; ones where you can include pictures of yourself and one's where you can stay behind the camera, depending on your preference. I know 62 is quite an odd number but it's just the amount I could think of when I wrote this so feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment box below.

- Monthly favs
- All time favs (mine: here)
- High end make up brushes
- Low end make up brushes
- Red lip products (mine: here)
- Nude lip products
- Best eye brushes
- Best face brushes
- Blogs
- Instagrams
- Brand focus (favourite products by them, etc.)
- Perfumes
- Products you always repurchase
- Favourite beauty products for your handbag

Tags and challenges:
- How much is your face worth (mine: here)
- What’s in your make up bag
- Products you regret buying
- £10 make up challenge
- 5 product face
- Top ten under £10
- The power of make up
- MOTD (Makeup of the day)
- No mirror makeup challenge
- Boyfriend/partner does your makeup

- Celebrity inspired look
- One brand make up look
- School appropriate look
- ‘No makeup’ make up
- Day to night make up
- Seasonal tutorials (Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc.)
- Quick make up routine/Make up in a hurry

Blogging tips:
- Style photos for instagram
- How you edit your photos
- Beauty blogging essentials
- How to create light photos
- Background ideas
- Prop ideas
- Blogging on a budget

Reviews, discoveries and hauls:
- Empties review
- Ebay/Amazon/Depop bargains
- Product review's of cosmetics you've recently purchased (mine: here)
- Best budget discoveries
- Dupes

Help for beauty beginners:
- Beauty no-no’s
- Makeup kits for beginners
- How you clean your brushes
- Contouring 101
- Make-up hacks
- Guide to buying via eBay (mine: here)

- 50 facts about you
- How you store your makeup
- Embarrassing makeup trends you partook in (were you victim to the scene style eye liner of 2006? Or the foundation lips of 2008?)
- Makeup inspirations
- Your opinion on the latest beauty trend/hype
- Makeup wish list
- Makeup collection (Could make multiple posts and split them by product if your collection is large enough)
- What beauty blogging has taught you about make up
- What you've learnt since having a blog (mine: here)

- Tanning routine
- Every day make up routine
- Skin care routine
- Morning routine
- Bedtime routine

There are also probably 62 more that would fit under the categories mentioned. I hope this helps and can maybe be a list for you to refer back to when you're stuck on ideas. Have a lovely day and good luck to anyone else in the middle of their exam season!

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