Thursday, 5 May 2016

A guide to buying cosmetics from eBay and Depop

Buying cosmetics through the likes of eBay and Depop can sometimes be really risky especially due to the amount of fakes that are now out there, forking out £40 just to recieve a fake is something that nobody wants to happen to them. Occasionally I'll buy cosmetics through eBay, and more recently Depop, especially when I miss out on a collection or too late on buying a limited edition product and sometimes it's just easier to buy through a UK seller than having to get the item shipped from the US. I recently purchased my 'Too Faced soul mates blushing bronzer' for £15 via Depop which I am obsessed with.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
I know it seems obvious to go for the cheaper option but if something seems too cheap to be true, the product is most likely a fake or not what you've been promised. For example, I recently saw Mac lipsticks on eBay for £1.50 each but I'd bet you £1,000 that they're not real.

Check where the product is coming from.
Personally, I always opt for UK sellers as the delivery time is often quick and if something goes wrong or the product needs to be sent back, you're not going to be hit with a huge postage charge and be out of pocket. Also, a lot of products on eBay are from China or the like and often these tend to be fake.

Avoid buying second hand make-up.
I only say this because if a cosmetic has been opened any type of bacteria could have gotten into it, especially if it has been used by someone who you don't know. Also, a lot of the time people will advertise cosmetics as 'used once' or 'only swatched' and often this isn't the case and the product will arrive having been used a lot more.

If you have any questions, ask the seller.
Always communicate with the seller as this will give you a pretty decent indication of what they are like and how they like to practice business. This is easier done on Depop but there is still a message option on eBay. If the seller is rude or not helpful, it is likely that they have a poor business etiquette and that can lead to further problems.

Always wash brushes before you use them.
I'm one who isn't scared to try cheaper make-up brushes. Recently I bought dupes of the Bold Metals by Real Techniques from a Chinese seller on Amazon with the intention of using them in blog posts (as they look pretty) but they've ended up being part of my every day make-up routine. You can find some excellent brushes via eBay that are also really cheap but it's important to wash the brushes after receiving them as often they're either fakes or made at the sellers home and therefore there's no real regulation over how they are made.

Check sellers feedback.
On eBay I usually only ever buy with someone who has at least 95% positive feedback. On Depop it's slightly harder as people often pay via paypal and therefore may not have feedback but always check if that's the case by messaging the seller first.

Buy from sellers that take their own pictures.
Not only is it just easier to see what product you'll actually be receiving but it's so much easier to spot a fake! For example, if there's a photo of a mac product with a plastic lid then it's fake.

Always pay via Paypal (and use paypal g&s if you're on depop)
Paypal have brilliant policies when it comes to missing items or receiving fakes. Paying via Paypal just makes it 10 times easier to get your money back if something goes wrong. A lot of sellers on Depop prefer you to pay using Paypal than to go through the actual Depop app (the seller then doesn't have to pay to 10% depop fee) but always send the money via Goods & Services not Friends & Family.

Avoid buying foundations.
Personally I would avoid buying products such as skin care and foundations unless you are 100% they are genuine and unopened. A lot of foundations can be fakes and cause acne and skin problems.

I hope this little list was at least somewhat helpful! Have you got any other tips?


  1. This is a very helpful post! Ages ago, before getting to know these things, I purchased a lot of fake MAC eye liners that were sooooo cheap I could not believe the deal! But yes, they were fake, I threw them away and never bought again. They only things I buy these days are products I cannot find in my country, like Wet n Wild, but from trusted US sellers and I always pay with paypal. Oh, and brushes, I am obsessed with makeup brushes, I cannot believe how affordable they are and some of them are really really good! :)


    1. Same! I love finding brushes on eBay. I'll also go to eBay when I miss out on a collection :) Have a great day.

      Alexandra xo

  2. Cool post.


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