Thursday, 26 May 2016

May's make up edit

Here's a quick round-up of my most loved products of May! Click the pink heart to be redirected to the retailers website if you're interested in purchasing any products mentioned.

Too Faced sweet peach palette: is the latest palette release from Too Faced. This baby has been talked about by pretty much everyone and sells out instantly, I've even seen this palette go for hundreds on eBay! After Temptalia's poor review I really was sceptical about this release and immediately regretted my purchase (I was waiting for it to be shipped from Sephora when the review went live) but I'm so happy that it's now in my hands. I use this palette every single day I wear make up, without fail, and I'm absolutely in love with the peachy tones and the Bellini shade. See my full review here.

Too Faced peanut butter and jelly palette: I love TF's shadows so much and they're really nailing it with their palette releases recently. The PB&J palette is an extremely warm palette with a few pops of colour thrown in. I recently took this palette on holiday with me and I didn't need any other shadows. I have a full review here if you're interested.

Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in KokoK: is the perfect every day nude. I was originally a bit scared of liquid lipsticks as other formulas have a tendency to dry out my lips but this formula really is gorgeous. I have a better, in-depth review here.

Kylie Cosmetics lip gloss in Literally: is the perfect gloss for the KokoK lip kit and really finishes off the look. Kylie's glosses are not at all sticky but still provide a high shine finish. Again, here's an in-depth review.

Charlotte Tilbury eyes to mesmerise cream eyeshadow in colour Jean: is another product that I've had forever. Cream eyeshadows aren't usually a product that I'd pick up (I'm a palette girl and will be to the grave) but I was at a Tilbury counter one afternoon and couldn't resist. I don't know if this is the case for every Charlotte Tilbury counter but the one I visited had no prices anywhere, and as I was too proud to ask, I bought this baby without even knowing how much it had cost. I don't think I would have bought it had I known it was £22 but it really is worth every penny.

Illamasqua concealer: is a gorgeous under-eye concealer that everybody raves about. There isn't too much to say about this, just that it really does the job and everything promised. This isn't one to miss.

Nars all day luminous foundation: is an amazing foundation for every day and night wear. It's medium coverage but the main thing I love about this is that it does not budge! I have a full review here if you're interested in learning more - it's a super old post but I hope it's still useful!

Mac 217 blending brush: is my all time favourite brush to blend out eye shadows with. I've never found a brush that works better at blending than this one! I'm in desperate need for a few more but at £20 I'm a bit reluctant. If you have the money to spend though I definitely recommend this one.

Mac 266 small angled brush: is the best brush for eyebrow powder. I cannot stress enough how amazing this brush is for applying powder to my brows! It creates the most structured look and you have such precision with it. A* and a two big thumbs up.

Ecotools eye enhancing duo brush set: these two brushes (well 4 as they're double ended) are amazing value for money but more importantly, they work as well as any high end brush I've ever used! They're so soft and for £6 you really can't go wrong.


So these are just a few of my favourites! I have so many products that I love and use daily, but these products were all ones that I had that 'wow' moment when I first used them.

So what are your favourite products?


  1. I love love love the too faced palettes, so jealous you have the PB&J one, it looked amazing! but I have the peach one and love it too. Also love my MAC 217, obsessed with it :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Too Faced kill it with their palettes! :)

      A x


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