Monday, 20 June 2016

#mymakeupbrushset - Rose Gold Oval Brush Set Review

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen these types of brushes plastered all over Instagram and Youtube. The original 'oval' style brush was released by a company called Artis (link) and a 10 piece set will set you back around £400 - ouch! I like to call these the 'toothbrush' brushes as that's exactly what they look like to me, but they were originally invented for personal use, not for make up artists, which is really refreshing that professional brushes are making their way into the average persons make up bag. You use these babies slightly differently as you hold the handle of the brush as normal but you use your index finger to support the head of the brush. Also, instead of dabbing the brush onto your face, or sweeping the brush, you actually use a circular motion and by keeping the bristles of the brush touching your skin at all times you can easily blend the product into your skin.

I've had my eyes on the Artis brushes since I first saw them but the price tag is enough to put anyone off, especially a student, so when My Makeup Brush Set emailed me asking if I was interested in trying out their version I literally jumped at the chance.

I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful rose gold 10 piece set which usually retail for $400 but are currently on sale for $39.99 (link). When my mum saw these brushes she fell in love and has since stolen a couple from me. These have to be one of the most gorgeous brush sets I've ever seen - and I have the Zoeva rose gold sets!

Since I got these around a week ago, I've been trying to use this brush set solely to apply my makeup and it hasn't been challenging at all. The biggest brush in the set is perfect for applying foundation and primers and creates a really flawless, full coverage look. I've been using the thin brushes to apply contour on my cheekbones and nose which creates a really angled effect and I blend it all out using the medium sized brush. I've even found that these work with powders, which I wasn't expecting at all.

Here's a quick run down of what I use each brush for and the potential uses:

Handle A: is perfect for foundation. As I just said, I use this daily to apply my foundation and it creates a really nice, full coverage look with no streaks. I'm convinced this brush helps push the foundation into my skin more and I've noticed that when I use this that my foundation lasts a longer time!

Handle B: is just a smaller version of Handle A and could be used to apply foundation also, especially if you have a smaller face but as I like to have a brush for everything, I team this baby up with my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat primer to create a smooth base.

Handle C: is denser and a lot smaller than A and B so I've found it's brilliant at applying powder. I've used this to apply powder all over my face, but I think Handle A would be better suited as it's bigger, but it worked like a dream nonetheless. Currently I'm using this to apply blusher and it gives me the perfect rosy glow that I'm after.

Handle D: is another dense brush, very similar to Handle C. This could potentially have the same uses but I like using this brush to blend out my contour.

Handle E: is the perfect shape and density for blending out my concealer and corrector. The densely packed bristles help blend the product and push it into the skin rather than just moving it around so that I have no streaks or lines.

Handle F: is a long, narrow shaped brush which I use to apply powder contour but could be used for cream. The brush shape reminds me a lot of my beloved Nars Ita brush but Handle F creates a much harsher and sharper line, which I personally like as that means I can be a lot more precise with my product.

Handle G: is a smaller version of Handle F and I use it for nose contour in exactly the same way.

Handle H: is an even smaller version of the last two mentioned. It's the perfect shape for brow powders or even to apply concealer to tidy up the brows. I've even used this to highlight under my brow bone and for a messy liner look.

Handle I and J: are both extremely similar and are circular shaped and densely packed. I've used these two to apply eyeshadow, inner corner highlights, blend out concealer and to apply lip product as they're extremely versatile brushes.

For $40 there is really nothing to complain about as I think they work like a dream. This set is especially perfect for beginners as there's everything there that you would need to apply a full face - and have spare brushes left over!

If you're at all interested in this set, or anything from feel free to use my discount code SAVEWITHALYSPACE for a little bit of extra money off your order.

Let me know if you've ever tried any of the oval brushes, or if you've ever tried these, as I love love love them and can't wait to get more. They're gorgeous to look at, apply make up like a dream and a pretty unique and different way to apply make up which is always a plus for a beauty addict like me as I'm always looking for new and interesting make up items!


  1. Wow, the price for this is really nice! I've seen them a lot but they are always so pricey or else they look so cheap. These look so nice!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  2. I've never used oval brushes, but it's great to hear you liked this set!


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