Friday, 2 September 2016

HUGE Colourpop Haul and First Impressions

A few months ago I placed a Colourpop order using ShipItTo as, at the time, Colourpop didn't ship directly to the UK so I felt like I was limited in what I could buy. As you don't find out ShipItTo's cost until you've actually placed the order, I really had to reign myself in and only buy a couple of things. However... Colourpop recently announced that they were going to start to ship internationally! Dreams do come true, huh? Shipping is still steep though, with an order amounting to $100 or less costing $25 to ship and then on top of that I was hit with a £20 customs charge. But the products are ridiculously cheap so I ended up justifying it to myself... oops.

I already own three Super Shock Shadows but I wanted to try more finishes and get a wider range of colours to play with. They only cost $5 each so I ended up buying 8 in total:

Un (from the Jenn Ne Sais Quad collection)
L-R: Lovely, Un, Amaze
These are my first three neutral shades and they're all a metallic finish and quite similar, with just varying degrees of darkness and opacity. Lovely is a gorgeous inner corner highlight colour whilst Amaze is nice to pack onto the lid. All three are very dupable shades but they're still pretty to own, especially as they're in Colourpops unique mousse/cream-powder formula.

Tea Party
Eye Candy
L-R: Tea Party, Eye Candy
These two were the 'pretty' shades that I just couldn't resist! I mean, look at those gorgeous pastel shades! How could I checkout without these in my basket? Again, both of these are 'metallic' finishes but unfortunately they were more just glitter than metallic. I've tried using different application techniques but all I can get out of these two is pure glitter with no colour pay off. I'm really disappointed with these two but I'm going to try to continue to work with these in the hopes I can figure out how to get some colour out of them.

L-R: Shop, KathleenLights, Telepathy
My final three are what I would call 'brights'. They're a little bit out of my usual nude comfort zone but I obviously had to try KathleenLights (a Colourpop cult favourite) and that led to the purchase of Telepathy. Shop is a matte finish and is a gorgeous pinky coral, KathleenLights is a pearlized finish and Telepathy is an ultra metallic finish. I wore Shop on a night out and it was beautiful in the crease but is slightly hard to blend and work with due to the cream-ish formula.

For $5 (£3.70-ish) these shadows are an absolute steal. They're slightly hit and miss but when you find a good one, it's really good. Out of all the ones I bought, Telepathy is a definite fav but Lovely is a close second.

Colourpop also have highlighters in the same bouncy forumla as their eyeshadows. Being a highlighter junkie I had to give them a whirl and at $8 (£6) each I couldn't resist picking up 2.

L-R: Hippo, Wisp
Hippo is a gorgeous lavender colour, and I was totally inspired to buy this after falling in love with the lavender shades in my Jouer mermaid highlighter palette (review here). Wisp is another Colourpop cult favourite so I felt like I'd be missing out if I didn't pick it up. Both are gorgeous and highly pigmented but with Wisp being a lot more wearable than Hippo.

Liquid lipsticks have hit the beauty community at full force this year with huge controversy surrounding Kylie lip kits and Colourpop's. I'll have a blog post up later about if I think they're all that similar or not! Colourpop seemed to get a lot of exposure with the Kylie drama and since then have grown their shade and finish range. I picked up a lip product from all their different finishes; glossy lips, lippie stix, satin lips, matte lips and their ultra metallic range.

Lippie Stix in Button (satin) ($5)
Ultra Metallic lip in Salt ($6)
Ultra Satin lip in Alyssa ($6)
Ultra Matte lip in Solow ($6)
Ultra Glossy lip in Tight Fit ($6)
L-R: Button, Salt, Alyssa, Solow, Tight Fit
Top to bottom: Alyssa, Solow, Tight Fit, Salt
Obviously, I went for a range of pinky nudes (duh, I live for pinky nudes). Unfortunately I think Solow is a little too deep for my NC35 complexion and borders on the mauve rather than pinky nude, the product was also extremely drying and I don't think I'd be able to wear that for a long period of time as I do with my Kylie lip kits. Another thing to add is that the matte liquid lip took so long to completely dry down, however once it was dry nothing was getting it off. I was dying to get my hands on Midi and Echo Park but sadly both were sold out so I settled for different shades instead. I'm absolutely smitten with Tight Fit (SO beautiful) and although Salt is a tad too much on the taupe side to be wearable, mixed in with Heir by Kylie Cosmetics it is the most GORGEOUS metallic lip product I've ever seen. I did find that I didn't get a full tube of product with Salt and it is a completely different texture and consistency to a traditional liquid lip but I enjoy wearing it all the same. The satin lip formula is much nicer than the ultra matte as it isn't so drying or patchy, but it isn't at all transfer proof which was a little disappointing. The lippie stix are very comfortable and wearable and I love throwing one in my handbag for an easy day to day lipstick.

Overall, the Lippie Stix and Glossy lips are the real winners for me but for the price, the metallic and satin lips are a steal. Unless there is a shade that you just must have from the matte range, I'd give them a miss and buy a Satin formula instead as on the lips there isn't much difference in the finish but they're just so much more comfortable to wear.

Have you ever tried Colourpop cosmetics? What were your thoughts? I'm tempted to do a more in depth review of these products separately as trying to squeeze everything into one blog post became a bit too much so maybe keep a look out for that.


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