Monday, 20 February 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation REVIEW

I haven't really tried that much of Charlotte Tilbury's products before. I mean, they look gorgeous, but without actually popping them on my face it's a bit difficult to judge if they perform or not. This foundation had super good reviews and when I was having a girly weekend with my mum in London and had forgot my beloved Nars Luminous (I seriously need to find a new HG) I needed to pick up something to last me the weekend. The pastel pink box and rose gold lid was staring me down in Selfridges and I ended up picking the Magic foundation up from Charlotte Tilbury even though I didn't know all that much about it.

After getting home and doing a little bit more research on it, apparently this was 5 years in the making and promises a poreless complexion - which may be the reason why I don't get along with it because for some reason anything that promises a poreless complexion either breaks me out or just disagrees with my skin. It's such a shame this doesn't work for me because it really does look gorgeous and flawless as soon as you apply it but after about 3 or 4 hours wear it started to break apart and felt almost heavy on my skin. And, unfortunately, the next day I woke up with a few new pimples on my face.

The Magic foundation is definitely full coverage, which I like for a night out but not really for the day time, and reminds me a lot of the Estee Lauder Double Wear demi-matte finish. Dewy, luminous finishes are definitely my preference, but I will make a matte foundation work with luminous primers and highlighters if I love the formula of it. I found a sponge worked better with the thick formula of this foundation better than a brush, which just moved the product around and created a cake-y like texture, whereas the sponge helped absorb a lot of the excess product; but that may have been my mistake as you really do need a minuscule amount to make this foundation work.

I chose not to powder this foundation as much as I usually would as it does dry down quite a lot, but that really is down to personal preference.

On my yellow toned Mac NC35 skin I chose shade number 7 which was a perfect match, I believe Charlotte Tilbury has 12 different shades of this foundation, which is OK in my opinion but the darker end does need expanding as I think there's only 3 really dark shades.

Do I like this foundation? Uh, its OK. I still wear this from time to time, but I think since I bought it in early December I've only worn it about five or six times and I always pick other foundations over this. The formula is just too thick for me and unfortunately it broke me out, but if a matte, full coverage foundation is what you're looking for then this is probably going to suit you perfectly.

Have you tried this foundation before? What were your thoughts?

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