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HIGHLIGHTER SERIES #5: Jeffree Star Skin Frosts - Regina George and Princess Cut REVIEW

UK readers buy here for £25.50
(My highlighter series is a series of reviews running through January and the beginning of Feb where I look at the most blogged about highlighters of 2016 and decide if they're worth it or not! I'm going to put up a highlighter series review every Monday.)

Let's be real here, what actually made me want to buy this product is the crazy pink Barbie packaging. I mean, it doesn't store very easily but it looks gorgeous in instagram posts! Another great thing about this packaging is that the mirror is huuuuuuge so when I'm carrying this around in my handbag, I don't need to carry around another compact mirror. There's been a bit of controversy around these as well, as it looks like you get a tonne of product (I mean you do, as you get 15g - compared to Becca champagne pop which is only 8g and £7 more) but people have been popping the pans out of the compact and showing how unbelievably thin the pan is. I mean, I haven't done this myself so I can't say for sure, but I just wanted to say that people have been complaining of these shattering easily because of the pans being stretched out so thin. (BUT if you've read my Becca champagne pop review which is linked below, you'll know that smashed and because I loved the formula of the product I wasn't overly bothered and didn't let it affect my review at all, so take that how you wish).

When I first heard Jeffree was releasing highlighters to go with his liquid lip line I think I peed myself a lil bit - I was so excited. Unfortunately, other things came up or other make up releases came out and I never ended up getting around to buying any of the Skin Frosts until this Black Friday release came about. I'd heard so many good reviews of these little (I mean... big...thin...who knows?) things so I thought chucking £50 (cry) at these would be a no-brainer, especially after watching his swatch video over on his youtuber channel where they looked unbelievably blinding. I mean, pink... glitter... highlighters??? Need I say more??? Could these skin frosts be any more of my aesthetic??? Admittedly Regina George is a bit out there, even for me, but I thought it would be a perfect blush topper for nights out and I could even use it as an eyeshadow. So, there I sat on Black Friday Evening, laptop and debit card at the ready... to make a huge flipping mistake.

I mean, they're OK. They're passable. If you dig your brush in the pan and scrape the top of the product off the compact with your nail then yeah, you're gonna get a bit of pigment, but do I want to spend 10 minutes ruining a highlighter just to get a patchy, crumbly mess on my cheek? Um, no thanks.

I think my issue with these is that I set my expectations too high. I'd seen all the beauty gurus who were, lets be honest here, either a) friends with Jeffree Star or b) sent PR packages of his products, giving great reviews of these and I'd believed every one of them (damn). I'm going to give the skin frosts one more try, I've seen a lot of people consistently using Ice Cold so perhaps that's a slightly different formula to those? Who knows. I'll keep you updated.

Run down of why I don't like these particular skin frosts:
Not that pigmented. I thought Jeffree was all about crazy pigmentation?
Princess Cut is stupidly patchy. A finger swatch is almost crumbly.
Stiff formula. If you've read my past reviews you know I like a smooth, buttery formula like Becca champange pop (OK, I'll shut up about Becca now).
Regina George has NO highligher-ness (great wording there Alex) but it is pretty much just a blusher with a few flaky specks of glitter that fall off your face in an hour or so wear time. There is no glow with this guy and forget any hopes of a glossy look. Did I get a bad one??

Are these Jeffree Star approved? Heck NO. Such gorgeous colours and thumbs up for being 100% vegan and cruelty free, too bad that the formula sucks. I'd hate to leave this blog post on a negative note, so I'm just going to say that his new palette looks pretty and I'm tempted........... but my bank account is screaming no after giving him my money for these dust collectors.

ALSO: I'm taking a short break from this highlighter series! I have a few other highlighters that I want to review but this was only supposed to be a January thing and I have some other make up goodies that need their time to shine. I've actually had companies and people email me about this series which is INSANE and I've really enjoyed creating it (duh, of course I have, highlighters are my thing). THE GLOW WILL BE BACK SOON but until then enjoy my palette and other make up goody reviews - every MONDAY at 6pm GMT. (I'm still gonna be on the hunt for that perfect golden glow tho...)

Have you tried any skin frosts? What shade did you try and what was your opinion?

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