Monday, 27 February 2017

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Touch Eclat Blur Primer REVIEW

Buy here for £29.50
Yves Saint Laurent's newest primer is an addition to their fantastic Touche Eclat range and promises to illuminate the skin and blur any imperfections. At £29.50 for 30ml, YSL offer a translucent gel which helps provide a blank canvas to create the perfect complexion to instantly illuminate, visibily diminish pores, smooth skin texture and boost skin's natural luminosity.

As mentioned in my YSL beauty haul, I'm not usually a primer type of gal but the gold flecks and the pretty bottle pulled me into buying this. Not really having much experience with primers in the past, other than an awful one with Benefits porefessional which left me completely broken out and miserable, I didn't have much to compare this to, all I knew is that I should be wearing primer and that all the beauty bloggers do it, so I should too, right?

This baby is packed full of a thousand and one different types of oils that I can't pronounce, let alone try and attempt to spell, but that makes me think it's supposed to be hydrating. It feels very silicone-y but for some reason still very nice and my foundation just sticks to this bad boy as if it's made from super glue. I originally thought primers were just a load of rubbish and that they couldn't possibly elongate the wear time of your foundation but this sucker really does. My favourite long wearing foundation can go from lasting around 8 hours without touch ups to lasting 12 hours, possibly more (usually this is just when I have to take my foundation off, but I'm sure it would last a lot longer).

Besides this, I found the YSL blur primer also fills in my pores and actually 'blurred' my skin without feeling thick and gloopy. I was worried about adding an extra layer to my skin routine as I didn't want it to feel like I was wearing a second layer of thick foundation but I honestly cannot feel this on my skin, if anything my skin feels softer and more hydrated. Textured skin around my nose area is something I'm also slightly self conscious of and this primer helps immensely with that.

My only issue (if you can call it that) is the promise of luminosity as the gorgeous gold flecks seem to melt away once I apply this to my face and often I find myself (now that I'm a little bit more experienced with primers!!) reaching for a tiny drop of my Becca backlight primer to add to the mix just to satisfy that glow I'm after. However, this is more than likely due to my skin-tone being very gold-toned and the gold flecks not showing up all that well but hey-ho, the issue is easily fixed with something like Benefit's High-Beam or as said, Becca's Backlight primer.

I'd also like to add that I've noticed my skin texture has significantly improved since using this and I've suffered less breakouts, it's as if the primer has been treating my skin or almost been creating a barrier between my skin and any products I've been using. Yves Saint Laurent's Blur Primer is now one of my favourite primers ever, and yes, I have now tried a LOT more and I love it as much as the first day I used it! This is my third bottle I've gotten through and I'll continue buying it until they stop selling it!

What are your opinions? Is £30 too much for a primer?

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