Tuesday, 21 November 2017


This is just a really quick post so that my blog doesn't become completely desolate! Sorry for the lack of posts for *cough* the best part of the year, but university has really become my main priority. If you weren't already aware, 2017 was finally the year I put on my mortarboard and gown to walk down Canterbury cathedral halls to collect my degree (even if I did trip up over my heels). The final year of a bachelors degree is intense enough but unfortunately I spent a lot of my final year in and out of the hospital for a newly diagnosed illness - so as you can imagine I had barely any time for my beloved blog. After such a hard beginning to the year, the relief that I had actually managed to get my degree and with my new ability to drink in the US after my 21st birthday, I booked a few flights away with my friends and family and spent my summer in America and Spain (Can you say Sephora haul?!) to celebrate the end of an era. Honestly, I had real intentions of starting back up the 'highlighter series' when I got back but I actually decided to enroll onto a masters degree and that has been more intense than I could have expected. I've made new friends, joined netball (Me! Doing netball!!!!), joined a new cheerleading squad and learnt a lot. So in short, I've not been able to post in a long time! Honestly, I'm not sure when I will be back posting again, all I know is that I have a bag full of products that I keep meaning to review, a £11,000 masters degree worth of knowledge in Marketing, a new camera that I can't wait to play with and an empty blog page waiting for me to return. Blogging was something I once loved so I need to stop making excuses and pick my camera back up. I hope you can wait for me!


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