Thursday, 21 June 2018

Blog Update

Hi! I just wanted to jump on here quick and write out my future plans for ALYSPACE. Since I took a bit of hiatus (and by a bit, I mean over a year...oops) my analytics are looking a little sad and I've lost the majority of my old readers. I loved getting interactions on previous posts and I really enjoyed how planned out my blogging week was. This, teamed with my eagerness to implement more lifestyle posts, has led me to want to post twice a week again.

If you didn't know, I used to post every Monday and sometimes Thursday at 6pm GMT. Mondays were a definite and Thursdays were more 'bonus' posts if I had a surplus of blog ideas that month. I've decided that Monday's are going to still be my 'definite' days where I post all things beauty - highlighter series is back in full force! - and Thursday's are going to be dedicated to lifestyle/miscellaneous posts. While I can't guarantee that anything exciting is going to be happening once a week, it'll be good for me to have some direction and a plan back with this whole blogging thing and with my fast approaching move to America from England I'm sure I'll have loads of things to update on soon. I doubt anyone will really be interested but this blog is more for me than anyone else! It'll just be nice to have a place to vent a little bit? Or perhaps be more of an online diary. Who knows - but I'm excited with the direction that ALYSPACE is headed. See you soon!!


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