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Highlighter Series #6: Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit REVIEW

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(My highlighter series is a series of reviews where I look at the most blogged about highlighters and see if they are worth it or not! I'm trying to find the perfect highlighter by comparing formulas, colours, packaging and more. Make sure you have read from my first post where I reviewed the sleek solstice palette (linked below) to see what the main things I am looking for are. Remember: I post every Monday at 6pm GMT so check back to see if this series has been continued.)

So, I know I am super behind with this post! I've had this palette for over a year at this point but as I said in my previous post I have been taking a little break from blogging - but with my masters degree coming to an end, I'm ready to get back into it! I really want to kickstart it with my most successful posts - the highlighter series. I remember being super excited when I bought this so I'm going to put up a post anyway. Ps! I apologise if this post is not up to my usual standard - I have completely forgotten what I used to talk about, my style of writing, my style of photography, the relevant HTML I used to use so I'm trying to pick it all back up as I go.

The highlighters in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit by Nicole Guerriero are first of all, extremely pigmented with a really nice array of colours, including a couple unique shades that I had not encountered before. As I had not experienced any of the other glow kits at the point of buying this palette I couldn't comment on how it compared, but since then I have bought multiple glow kits (included the 4 pan palettes) and can contest that the formula of the Nicole Guerriero palette is different with an almost grainy finish. Something that I must make clear is that there is a lot of fallout! My old bedroom in my university house used to have a white desk that I'd do all my make up at, it got to the point that I would have to put a towel over the desk before using this as it would completely cover and was starting to stain the desk. However, now that the palette is over a year old the fallout isn't as bad but it isn't great either - I still end up with glittery fingers and a sparkly lap by the end of application.

The best brush for this palette is the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight brush, albeit a little scratchy, as it picks up the pigments great, that now being my go-to brush for highlight application.

As I mentioned, the unique colour story of this palette is interesting, and definitely something that appealed to me when I bought it. Kitty-Kat and Forever Young are so-so and can be duped very easily, Daydream is the winner of the palette for me, Forever Lit is a little too intense but great for eye looks and Glo Getter and 143 are slightly too dark for my medium toned NC30-35 skin but somewhat still wearable.

Daydream is a unique bright orange shade with a very metallic sheen. It goes great with Nars Orgasm blush as they are definitely in the same colour family! I was worried that this shade was going to be more like a blush, as it looks like it will be very strong-toned in the pan, but I was pleseantly surprised when the colour was not overbearing and although an interesting shade, still definitely a highlighter and not a blush. I have hit pan in this shade and it works amazingly with my extremely warm toned skin - but I am not sure how great it would look if your skin was primarily pink toned. At the time this shade was revolutionary (in my opinion as I'm obsessed with it!) but has been duped a lot since the release of this palette so you can probably find a cheap dupe in the drugstore.

Nicole Guerriero being one of the first YouTubers in the beauty community that I fell in love with I think was the final tipping point for me in convincing myself to buy this palette and honestly, I am so glad I did. Like I said, a year later I still use this palette often and I'm thankful that it hasn't fell to the back of my drawers and been completely forgotten about. Despite the annoying amount of fallout, it still looks pretty on my skin and Daydream is just sooooooo dreamy on my skin, so very aptly named. The pink palette (although not in a plastic tin like I prefer, thankfully it isn't made out of material that screams cheap! either) is very pretty and I was impressed with the detail that went into the packaging (the holographic backing is gorgeous) although I do wish it had a mirror for the price.

Final thoughts? It is a palette worth investing in. Despite Glo Getter and 143 being slightly too dark I can make them work by mixing them with other shades in the palette, and they do look lovely on holiday when I am slightly darker - especially since my hair change (ps: I'm dark brunette now! Full post with details of my hair journey soon). These highlighters are pigmented and do not accentuate pores, they last a long time and the colours are pretty. If you think you can deal with the fallout then definitely pick it up!

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