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HIGHLIGHTER SERIES #7: Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette REVIEW

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(My highlighter series is a series of reviews where I look at the most blogged about highlighters and see if they are worth it or not! I'm trying to find the perfect highlighter by comparing formulas, colours, packaging and more. Make sure you have read from my first post where I reviewed the sleek solstice palette (linked below) to see what the main things I am looking for are. Remember: I post every Monday at 6pm GMT so check back to see if this series has been continued.)

As like most of my posts recently, I'm a little late to the game. This palette originally debuted in December of 2016, right in time for the Christmas panic. I must have tweeted about it and it was luckily plopped in one of my Christmas presents that year. I say that but, without going too much into it, the Too Faced Christmas drama of 2016/17 meant that I didn't actually get this palette until well into 2017. I loved the Too Faced sweet peach palette, as most did, and forked out a whopping £50 to get it shipped over from Sephora so I was very excited when they extended the line and I finally could embrace my sweet peach highlighting fantasy.

Well, or I thought I could.

The eyeshadows that were a part of the sweet peach palette were pigmented, pretty, smelt glorious and overall just performed well whereas I'm upset to admit that this glow palette did not meet the same standard. While obviously in the same family, I view this palette more as the black sheep of the family who's always showing up to family gatherings drunk and with a different boyfriend. Disappointing and not something I'd rave about. The pigmentation is lacking, the highlighter is grainy and the bronzer barely shows up on my skin tone.

In my head this palette was a one stop shop for cheeks. Highlight, blush and contour all housed in the same cute pink packaging but unfortunately the only usable shade (in my opinion) is the blush. While pretty and usable, I am upset that my boyfriend paid £34 for the entire palette when he could of just bought the Papa Don't Peach blush (which is very similar) for £25 and received 9g of product. However the blusher is a pretty peach that translates to almost coral on my medium tan skin with hints of gold shimmer running through. A dense style kabuki is the best bet for pigmentation.

I can't really call this a highlighter series post if I don't actually talk about the highlighter. Like I said, my main excitement of this entire palette fell on the highlighter in it. I had peachy dreams of wet-look cheeks and a glistening glow from within but instead I'm left with an extremely sheer formula and a champagne shade that I've seen a billion times before. I have never been so uninspired with a highlighter as I was with this. If you're looking for a gorgeous highlighter in the similar colour family look at Urban Decay's afterglow 8-hour illuminator in Spotlight, Benefit's Dandelion Twinkle or Colourpop's super shock cheek in Highly Waisted. All shades that serve way more pigmentation and wear-time. Temptalia gave this shade an A- but I just can't figure out why. If you loved it though - please share!

As briefly mentioned, the packaging is cute and Too Faced get two thumbs up from me for using tin packaging again (if you've ready previous posts you'll know that tin is my favourite as it's durable). The cute prints on the shades are adorable and the decent mirror is definitely a plus in my book. Too bad that nobody knows how lovely the packaging is when you're actually wearing the make up.

So, overall I give this palette about a 4/10. It's not horrendous and I have used it but the bronzer is useless for my skin tone and the highlighter just isn't up to par with the level of glow I usually wear. However, the peachy blush is unique enough that it gets my stamp of approval.

Did you pick this up? What were your thoughts?

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