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HIGHLIGHTER SERIES #8: CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops (shade Sunlight) REVIEW

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(My highlighter series is a series of reviews where I look at the most blogged about highlighters and see if they are worth it or not! I'm trying to find the perfect highlighter by comparing formulas, colours, packaging and more. Make sure you have read from my first post where I reviewed the sleek solstice palette (linked below) to see what the main things I am looking for are. Remember: I post every Monday at 6pm GMT so check back to see if this series has been continued.)

A series about highlighters wouldn't be complete without talking about the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops. At £34 a pop, these little babies are one of the most expensive highlighters I own. There is 15ml of product per bottle and as only a tiny amount is needed per application I'm a little worried that these are going to go bad before I even have a chance to use even a fraction of the product. I wish they were half sized and the price reflected that.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops are liquid highlighters that are supposedly going to layer on top of powder and create a 'from within' type of glow. They got a lot of praise on YouTube circa mid 2016-early 2017 but due to the astronomical price tag it took a while for this student to make the plunge. My first purchase was in the shade 'Sunlight' and I will be focusing on that shade today! I feel like this performs slightly different to the others, for whatever reason.

Firstly, the packaging is cute but a nightmare to store. The product is housed in a little glass bottle with a rubber dropper. While the dropper is functional, the product has a tendency to dry up around the top and flake off causing a bit of a mess to form in my drawer. On top of that, so much product is wasted using this method. I wish CoverFX has opted for a pump rather than a squeezey dropper. The bottle is also somewhat inconvenient to store due to the shape. The rose gold box that it comes in, however, has a soft spot in my heart as I love rose gold. I also like that the label of each bottle is a different colour to reflect what colour product is inside - this makes it a lot easier for my tired, half-asleep mornings!

I was very sceptical about buying this despite the phenomenal reviews. I am not a liquid highlighter fan but the claim that it layers well over powder tempted me to try this out. The CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops are of a watery consistency so can easily be mixed in with a foundation to create an all over glow and can also be dabbed over the top of set makeup to create an intensely pigmented highlighter. While I am not the biggest fan of mixing it in with my foundation as I have a tendency to get a bit carried away to the point where my face just turns into a giant disco ball, dabbing the product lightly over my cheeks after I have finished my face is gorgeous and creates this luminosity that I just haven't been able to replicate with other highlighters. This shade in particular is gorgeous and suits my skin tone perfectly. Every time I wear this I really do feel like I look like I'm glowing from within. Last summer I solely travelled with this highlighter and it was perfect for those hot holiday evenings where you need light make up but still want to look made up. Sun kissed would be a better name - I truly feel like the I'm replicating the glow of a healthy tan when wearing this. Another huge plus is that this dries down completely smudge proof so again is great for hot summer days.

Another great tip with this product is to mix it in with any body lotions you use. If you're of a medium tan (NC30-35) skin tone this will match you perfectly.

I also own shades Celestial and Blossom.

❤ CELESTIAL: is the lightest shade I think CoverFX make. It is an extremely pale silver toned pearl with an almost pinky base under direct light. I found this shade to house the most glitter out of the three and is one I don't reach for all that often. It is the same consistency as Sunlight to touch but does look somewhat chunkier on my skin. Still gorgeous, but Sunlight is just a little bit better in my books. Would be a great alternative if Sunlight was too dark for your skin tone.
❤ BLOSSOM: is one of the newer shades. Blossom is a true pink highlighter. If you like the trend of a colour pop on your cheek then you'll enjoy this shade but for day to day use on me this is a bit too much. However mixing this with Sunlight or Celestial creates a much more wearable and subtle pink glow. For a very warm pink eye look and lip I think this would match great. I did have the intention of mixing this with a liquid blush but I'm yet to actually try it.

Overall, there's nothing like these on the market. The fact that I can layer these over powder yet they do not chunk up and perform as well as they would on bare skin means they get two big fat thumbs up from me. I could never get into liquid highlighters as I have to all over set my skin and I found setting my face meant my highlight often got dulled down. Other than the price these babies are perfect and if you can afford to do so please go out and buy one!

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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