Monday, 2 July 2018

HIGHLIGHTER SERIES #9: Makeup Revolution Vivid/Strobe Highlighters REVIEW

(My highlighter series is a series of reviews where I look at the most blogged about highlighters and see if they are worth it or not! I'm trying to find the perfect highlighter by comparing formulas, colours, packaging and more. Make sure you have read from my first post where I reviewed the sleek solstice palette (linked below) to see what the main things I am looking for are. Remember: I post every Monday at 6pm GMT so check back to see if this series has been continued.)

A year or so ago, Khloe Kardashian revealed her love for these £3 highlighters and the beauty world seemed to go a little bit mad. Her makeup artist used a highlighter from the 'vivid' line called Radiant Lights and Khloe wrote "My cheekbones were so sharp they could cut a bitch," in a post. With a glowing review like that, how could you not want to try it out? For the price tag it was a no-brainer and when I was in my local Superdrug I rushed to the revolution isle in hoping to pick one in each shade up.

Unfortunately every time I went every single shade was sold out. In all fairness, at the time I lived in a tiny town called Canterbury and with a huge student population anything cheap and raved about by the Kardashians was bound to sell out instantly. It was a good year until I a) remembered to look and b) found some in stock. I picked up three:

Vivid baked highlighter in Golden Lights
Vivid baked highlighter in Peach Lights
Strobe highlighter in Gold Addict

At a grand total of £9 for all three, even if I only used them once, in my books this was a good purchase. When I got home I realised that the strobe highlighter in Gold Addict was just not for me. Like the name suggests, it isn't as pigmented and blinding like the vivid range. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty but I'm just after something so bright you can see my cheeks from space, you know? I threw this to the back of my drawers and I don't think I've picked it up since.

However, the vivid baked range are surprisingly pigmented. Albeit a little bit chunky, for £3 these highlighters are an absolute steal. Golden lights (shade wise) is an almost double for Nars' Albatross (review linked below). Whilst the wear time on these is unfortunately not the best, a good setting spray will take you a long way. For a night out make up look on a budget? These are perfect! They're pigmented, smooth to the touch and don't accentuate too many pores.

Whilst the packaging leaves something to be desired (and what is up with the questionable design imprinted into the product?) for £3 there really isn't anything I can complain about. Although I'm a little bit spoiled when it comes to high-end highlighters, I have and do reach for these sometimes. No, they're not the prettiest highlighters in the world nor are they of the most inspiring colour family, but they do the job and nobody would ever be able to guess the price tag!

What's your opinion?

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