Thursday, 2 August 2018

Sun, Seafood and Burnt Thighs

This summer has been super busy for me with getting preparations underway to move to Philadelphia, writing my masters dissertation and applying for adult jobs so I thought it was a great time to neglect all my responsibilities and go sit in the sun for a couple of weeks. A few years ago my parents bought a house in Murcia (Spain) which I'm pretty pleased about as flights are cheap, food is great and the sun is hot. Last year I went with some old school friends but this year it became more of a girls thing. As I've now been to a couple universities and obviously attended school, I have a weird mix of friends who never interact as they're all in different places; this year my best friend from school, two friends from university in Kent and a friend from my cheerleading squad in Birmingham all met for the first time.

I flew out with my friend from cheer on the Sunday evening and we were greeted by two huge cockroaches who had somehow made their way up the downstairs bathroom drains and into the spare bedroom. Whilst not the welcome party I expected, we had a couple glasses of wine and devised a plan on how to get them out (which basically involved us using Google Translate to speak to our French neighbours and asking them to come get them out for us).

Second day my good friend from uni came and the day after that my best friend also arrived. We spent the days by the pool, shopping, eating and drinking. Luckily there were no more bugs and we started to settle into the holiday a bit. The girls kept telling me how pale my legs were so all this time I'm making a conscious effort to tan my legs to match the rest of my fake tanned body but unfortunately, and in typical me fashion, I ended up just burning them and turning bright red instead. Then, to take it a step further, I tried to tan the backs of my legs, somehow forgot to suncream my bum and ended up burning it so bad that I couldn't sit down. We watched England lose the semi-final in the World Cup, drank sambuca, found a great seafood restaurant and waited for our other friend to arrive.

She arrived the Thursday to us playing beer pong using inflatable beer pong hats in the middle of the street. We found some different drinking game sets (including battle shots which was my favourite) in Tiger down on the boulevard.

The next day we had all planned on going to the beach together. Sadly my eldest fur baby, George, passed the rainbow bridge that day so I didn't feel like going. I stayed at home, watched a film in the hot tub, had a bath and just chilled by myself. He was old and had a really bad heart murmur so unfortunately his heart just couldn't keep going in the heat wave that we we're having over in the UK. Here are some pictures I took of George just before I left to go away.

On the Saturday night we ended up going to the local nightclub. The house is in a pretty residential area and there aren't too many tourists so there's not a huge selection of bars and clubs unless you go down the local strip, and even then the crowd is usually a lot older than us. I know of one nightclub in the town where the English usually go, but its pretty run down and you don't really go until 3am. We pre-drinked on my patio (one friend didn't even make it out) and ventured our way into town. As per, we were in there until the lights turned on and we got kicked out. It was a really fun night and I definitely paid for it Sunday.

Monday was when my friends from uni flew back to London so it was an odd, mismatched day where we hovered around the pool until it was time for them to get picked up and go back to the airport. As the rest of us flew the next morning we had a chill night on the patio and cleaned the house then packed before bed.

As it's my parents house it feels a bit different than going on a normal holiday - a tad more responsibility and I know the area somewhat so there was little exploring to be done. Luckily everyone got on to an extent and as usually said after a holiday - it just wasn't long enough! I hope to be back to my little home away from home soon and despite it being a bit exhausting and a pain somewhat waiting for people to arrive on all different days, it was a great break from the early-20s responsibilities that keep creeping up on me.

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