Wednesday, 2 January 2019

1 Second A Day For A Year | 2018

I've been meaning to do this for a while but always forgot on the 1st! 2018 I filmed one second every day for the entire year and I've compiled it together to create one video compilation of what I got up to. I finished cheerleading forever. I applied for a study abroad, got accepted, and then completed a study abroad at a university in Philadelphia, USA. I did my final exams for my master's degree, started and completed a 100 (20k word) dissertation) and got decent grades! I also got a job in marketing and social media which led me to make the decision to move to London full time - as you can see from this video, I already spend most of my time there! I've started the process for looking for flats with my long term boyfriend and I start work on the 7th January.

Above is my top nine photos from instagram; first being a photo of me at my university's AU ball which is a ball for all the sports teams to come together and celebrate their achievements. I obviously went with my cheerleading squad and we had a really fun and boozy evening. The second photo is at my last ever cheerleading event, a photo taken from the final performance from our halftime routine at the rugby match, it was a really fun routine and as it was not a competition, we were able to do lots of higher level stunts that would normally be illegal. The third photo is from my hot tub during a girls evening with a friend, fourth is my best friend and I before a night out, fifth is a photo from holiday with my girl friends, sixth is from last New Years eve! The seventh photo is another photo from my AU ball, the eighth photo is from when one of my really close friends from University of Kent flew over from Vienna to visit me after not seeing each other in almost a year! And finally, my ninth photo is of my boyfriend and I at a charity fundraising ball.

2018 was a pretty successful and happy year, here's to 2019!


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